Appaloosa Gate, 2023

Appaloosa Gate

Mural is located at a private residence in Tijeras

Marquette and Eighth St, Albuquerque, 2023

Marquette Mural 1
Marquette Mural 1
Marquette Mural 1

This mural was created for a residence on the Corner of Marquette and Eighth in Albuquerque.

City of Albuquerque’s Arts & Culture Department, 2021.

Christian was chosen to provide the mural for the lobby of the City of Albuquerque's Arts & Culture Department, 2021.

Christian was chosen to provide the mural for the lobby of the City of Albuquerque’s Arts & Culture Department in 2021.

El Rey Theater Collaboration, 2021

El Rey #1
El Rey #2

Behind the El Rey Theater in Downtown Albuquerque.
This Downtown Albuquerque Arts and Cultural District project included over 30 artists.

Ted M. Gallegos Community Center, Albuquerque, 2020

Ted M. Gallegos Community Center, Albuquerque

Christian was picked as a semifinalist for two murals as part of the City of Albuquerque’s Mural Love program and chosen for the larger of the two projects in August of 2020. The mural was completed in December of 2020.

Painting 4 Peace, Albuquerque, 2020

P4P with Ben Harrison

Collaboration with Ben Harrison

P4P with Blando

Collaboration with Blando

P4P door


P4P Fourth Street

On Fourth Street

P4P with Blando

At Jimmy Johns

P4P Sunshine Theater

At the Sunshine Theater

Paint for Peace was a spontaneous grass-roots community project to revitalize a boarded-up downtown ABQ resulting from the Pandemic-related economic downturn and civil unrest while promoting peace. The effort was organized by OT Circus Gallery.

St. John’s Thrift Store Mural, Albuquerque, 2019

St. John’s Thrift Store Mural, Albuquerque

In 2019 Christian mentored students from the Media Arts Charter School as part their studio art internship. They developed and painted this 6×48 foot mural on the wall in the parking lot behind St. John’s Thrift Store on Central Avenue and 14th in Albuquerque. The students choose the motifs, which Christian incorporated into the overall design. He then supervised the students who did the painting.

Empire Board Game Library, Nob Hill–Albuquerque, 2018

Empire Board Room Mural, Nob Hill, Albuquerque

In this mural, colorful and playful game references are embedded within a matrix of Christian’s signature floral, heart, star, and hummingbird elements. This mural wraps around the entire building and was featured in season 6, episode 4 of Better Call Saul. This was a solo project in created in conjunction with MuralFest.

Emerson Elementary School, Albuquerque, 2018

Emerson Elementary 1
Emerson Elementary 2
Emerson Elementary 3

Christian contributed this 25-foot section of unique floral elements to Melinda Forward’s Kindness Club International mural project.

River Otter Exhibit, ABQ BioPark, 2018

ABQ Biopark 1
ABQ Biopark 2
ABQ Biopark 3

This riverway mural featured more than 250 animals and their habitat in a 250 foot-long mural. This was created in 2018 in collaboration with Story Lab Inc.

Flowers on Gold, Albuquerque, 2017

Flowers on Gold No. 1
Flowers on Gold No. 2
Flowers on Gold No. 3

This was painted as part of 508 Warehouse’s Mural Fest during the summer of 2017. The interlocking flowers and hearts were painted freehand during the festival and represent the creative garden of Albuquerque’s spirit. The mural is half a block long with the height varying from three-to-five-feet tall on the concrete block and steel mesh wall of the parking lot on the corner of 4th and Gold.

Endorphin Power Company, Albuquerque, 2017

EPC Mural No. 1 (Body)
EPC Mural No. 2 (Community)
EPC Mural No. 2 (Community)

This was commissioned by EPC for their fitness facility. The entire wall was approximately 70 feet by 8 feet high, roughly divided into three areas separated by windows. The concept was first sketched on paper and the drawn freehand and painted on the wall with recycled house paint and represents the concepts of dedication to community, devotion to the body, and challenge to heal.

el jardín de las artes mural design, 2012

Christian Michael’s Gallegos design for a 28 x 270 foot mural.